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Center Entrepreneur in Residence Discusses Deep Reinforcement Learning

On Tuesday, September 18, Sean Devlin, Entrepreneur in Residence with the School of Business Center for Innovation and Ethics, delivered a talk, Deep Reinforcement Learning: The fundamentals of how AI wins games and beyond. Sean discussed the fundamentals of deep reinforcement learning, the primary field of AI being used to beat world champion players in games… Continue Reading

Dr. Vandana Shiva Visits TCNJ on Thursday, April 12, 2018

Dr. Shiva, an internationally renowned environmentalist and advocate for food justice, biodiverse agriculture, and small farms, visited TCNJ on April 12th. In her morning talk on Biotechnology and Food Justice:  The Case of GMOs. Dr. Shiva responded to perspectives on ethics and innovation from Dr. Leann Thornton, faculty member in the Department of Biology, and… Continue Reading


              The Center for Innovation and Ethics will look to ethical inquiry to inspire the thinking that drives business innovation. Its organizing principle is that innovation opportunities await those who reflect on the ethical challenges facing an industry, profession, or a segment of society. The Center is devoted to… Continue Reading