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The School of Business Center for Innovation and Ethics was launched in 2014, devoted to the idea that innovation and ethics together should shape our future. Here are the three pillars of our approach:

Interdisciplinary Innovation. The Center advances the interdisciplinary thinking, conversations and research that inspire innovation. Business and societal innovations are often a synthesis of insights from differing disciplines and ways of thinking. The Center provides a platform for thinkers from the liberal arts to connect with those from business, technical and professional disciplines to explore fundamental problems. We ask how diverse understandings might be combined to create new opportunities and solutions.

Ethics and Values. The Center also explores the fundamental questions of ethics and value confronting business.  How can businesses create and maintain an ethical culture where stakeholders are treated fairly and employees do their best work?  How will these ethical commitments fare amid the competitive pressures of the marketplace, and the race to innovate and drive change?  Will our innovations enhance the human condition and lead to a fairer, more just world?

Ethics-Driven Innovation. We believe that an exploration of ethical and value questions can cast a light on new paths. The Center sees ethics not strictly as a constraint on innovation, but as a tool to discover new and valuable innovation opportunities.

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