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Astronomer Royal Discusses the Future and Humanity

Discover what lies ahead event poster.


Astronomer Royal, Dr. Martin Rees visited campus on Monday, April 29, 6:30pm, and spoke to an audience of students, faculty, staff and the public in the Mayo Concert Hall. The evening focus on Dr. Rees’s latest book, On the Future: Prospects for Humanity. exploring issues relating to science, technology, and humanity — including artificial intelligence, climate change, gene editing, energy, and cosomology. Following his presentation, Dr. Rees was joined by Professor Kevin Michels, Director of the School of Business Center for Innovation and Ethics, for a discussion and audience Q&A. The evening concluded with a discussion of the future with TCNJ faculty Susanna Monseau (Interdisciplinary Business), Janet Morrison (Biology) and Chris Ault (Interactive Multimedia).

This event was a presentation of the School of Business Center for Innovation and Ethics with generous support from Johnson & Johnson, the TCNJ School of Business, and Academic Affairs.